AIA.exe by Triple L - 5. & 6. semester
Triple L Members

Li-Lu Weinrich:

Lea Obst:
Two Worlds (serious game) - group project - 4. semester

Gravitation (VR-Game) - group project - 3. semester
Gravitation is a VR game taking place in an asian cyberpunk like world. You are playing a samurai with gravitation powers and a katana. To save his daughter, who was kidnapped by the mafia, he has to sneak through the city and puzzles to reach the temple.

3D character design - self study - 2. semester
This is a sculpting of my OC Haruka, which I did in Zbrush. It was the very first time that I sculpted something and I learned everything by myself.

Between Two Worlds - 3D world building - 1. semester
Between Two Worlds is my first 3D game prototype. I wanted to create a fantasy world with some japanese touches. On your way through the woods, you get into slightly different world to the one you know.

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