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Who am I?

Hi there! I'm Lina alias Haru 🌸
I was born on the 11th of August 1998 in Düsseldorf.
In March 2023  I successfully received my bachelor's degree in Game Art and Design and now work as a freelance artist 💖
I already started drawing when I was a kid. Everywhere we went, I took my pens and paper to draw with me. 
In 5th grade I discovered Manga and Anime and wanted to learn how to draw like this. A few years later, I drew digitally for the first time and since today I really love it. I try to improve my drawing skills, whether it is digital or traditional.

Why Haruka Yurina?
Since I was a little, I really liked my two first names, even tho I was never called by the second one. I still was happy about both of them. When I started thinking about an artist name that fits me , I wasn't sure how to call me. I wanted to be creative. Because I started to take Japanese lessons, I got used to be called Rina.

Later I decided to take my both names (Lina and Juliane) to make Yurina out of it. But I still had the feeling that something was missing. When I created my OC Haruka (which means spring blossom), I noticed that I unconsciously gave her a lot of my characteristics. She resembles me a lot. And since I also really love the spring and cherry blossoms, which bloom at that time of the year, I finally knew what I wanted my artist name to be. And so it became Haruka Yurina or Haru for short🌸✨
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