Thank you for considering to commission me 💖

Down below are what I will and won’t draw, my commission form and terms of service.
Here you can currently find my price list.
The prices are for personal commissions only. If you are interested in commercial commissions (e.g. merch, banner, sticker, etc.), we can talk about a custom offer and find an agreement. Please note that this will increase the prices.
Due to being a small business and certain VAT regulations, I can only accept commissions from people in the EU for now!
Please carefully read my terms of service before commissioning me. When you commission me, you agree to these.
I won’t take any responsibility for your own inaccuracy!

- 🌸 Will and Won't 🌸 -
I will draw:
Any gender
Light NSFW
Light gore

I won’t draw:
Animals (can be discussed)
Heavy NSFW (can be discussed)
Heavy gore (can be discussed)
Complex armour
Aged characters
Sensitive topics
Anything I feel uncomfortable with

If you have any questions or if you are unsure feel free to ask 💕

- 🌸 Commission Form 🌸 -
If you decide to commission me, please email me at or DM me on Instagram or Twitter/X with the filled form:

PayPal email:
Commission type:
Character name and personality/description:
Special preferences (e.g. expression, pose, etc.):
Additional information:

Please ensure that your description is as detailed as possible. This makes it easier for me to give you the best possible result. Also note that major changes will result in an extra fee.

- 🌸 Terms of Service 🌸 -
- You must be over 18 years or have the permission of your parents.
- The artwork comes in A3 size, in RGB, with 350 dpi and as png or jpg. If you need a different canvas size, please specify it in the commission form.
- I can refuse your request for any reason.
- I reserve all rights on the artwork, which means I can use it as part of my portfolio, on my social media, self-promoting, selling merch, etc. If you commission me with your OC I consult you beforehand.
- I will always put my signature or logo on my artworks.
- The commission is a digital artwork so there are no physical prints provided.
- I will start to work on your commission after the full payment is made.
- Please credit me as the artist when you use/post my art and don’t claim it as your own.
- The commission is for personal use only
- It is not permitted to use the artwork as a NFT or cryptocurrency.
- Payment is through PayPal (or bank transfer) in EUR.
- After we agreed on the commission, payment has to be done within 7 days. Otherwise the commission will be considered as canceled. 
- No refunds after payment is made.
Process & Revision
- The average time to finish a commission is from 2 weeks to 2 months. It might be longer depending on my health, complexity of the artwork or family issues.
- Please don’t ask me to rush. I will take the time I need to give you the best results. In case of a deadline you will have to specify it and pay an extra fee accordingly. 
- You can ask for your commission’s progress at any time.
- I will send you the sketch for your approval and you are allowed to make small changes or revisions until you are satisfied. For major changes fees will apply (5€ +).
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